über uns
about us

it has been almost 88 years since otto skrebba founded the office equipment manufacturing plant skrebba.
almost 88 years which have brought many changes for skrebba. one thing, however, has remained unchanged: the love for simplification, for improvement, for perfection. three words were found for that. what they stand for is well known, appreciated and desired all over the world: “made in germany”. what these words mean: quality to the utmost perfection. and of course no mass production.
it was never our goal to be one of the biggest companies in the field. but we always wanted to be better. more convincing in product quality, more reliable in service, more innovative in product design and development.

future by tradition
“the shape and technical functionality of our office equipment must always meet the requirements of those using them”. with this objective in mind , otto skrebba founded a small office equipment manufacturing plant in 1921 - a time of great political and economic upheaval. courage, innovation force and pioneering spirit were - and still are - the basis of the company’s fast growth.
in the meantime, skrebba has become a leader in manufacturing and marketing heavy duty and electronic staplers all over the world. with this capacity to anticipate demands and developments, dr. ignacio villavecchia, who managed the family enterprise in its third generation, has successfully led the company into international markets.

quality as principle
our principle is simple: skrebba office products must meet the highest standards regarding functionality, durability and user-friendliness - in other words, the demands of our customers. ongoing quality managment ensures that these high standards are maintained 100%, starting with a careful selection of raw materials, absolute precision during production and finishing with reliable, just-in-time deliveries to our partner.

tailor-made products
customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to skrebba. you can ask a lot of us. even services that you wouldn’t normally expect. for example, special makes tailored to meet your requirements. maybe you need a special perforation? or you would like a foot switch with the electronic stapler.
tell us your wishes. we will check if they are workable and will carry them out as far as possible.

repair and spare parts service
we always keep wear and tear parts on stock. even of older models, even for equipment that has been in operation for over 10 years. and should something break: we repair skrebba office equipment promptly and thoroughly or send you the spare parts required.